Marginal Commentaries in Hadith Manuscripts

Stefanie Brinkmann: “Marginal Commentaries in Hadith Manuscripts”, in: Markus Stock/ Christine Lechtermann (Hgg.): “Practices in Commentary”. Frankfurt a.M. 2020 [=   Zeitsprünge. Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit / Sonderband 24], S. 6-44.

Throughout centuries, people have annotated ḥadīth texts in the margin of manuscripts or between the lines. These annotations could be personal remarks, drafts for a proper commentary, or quotations from already existing stand-alone commentaries.

This article illustrates the potential of the analysis of such annotations for the reconstruction of the production, transmission, and use of ḥadīth commentaries. After a review of the state of research it addresses the issues of terminology, scribal practices and layout, and it offers a preliminary typology. The article is part of an edited volume on pre-modern practices of commentary in different cultures from the 8th to the 16th centuries.

The edited volume „Practices of Commentary”, edited by Markus Stock and Christine Lechtermann) has been published online now and can be downloaded as full digital copy under:
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