29 September 2021: Stefanie Brinkmann and Nadine Löhr - Working Session on Prefaces

Examining prefaces – the commentators‘ voices (working session)

Talking about commentaries often implies that we approach the texts with our contemporary 21st century notions, concepts, and terminology. We would like to draw the attention to those text passages where the author expresses their intention to write the commentary. In many cases, the preface offers such insights, besides other potential instances.

29 November 2021 6:30 pm Stefanie Brinkmann and Nadine Löhr discuss the importance of prefaces for the study of commentaries with colleagues from the Commentarial Forms in Literature project (funded by the DAAD) and show some results of their research on prefaces and introductions to commentaries on Arabic hadith literature (Brinkmann) and astral sciences (Löhr).

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