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Vortrag: The Medieval Islamic West in the East, intellectual connections and cultural impact

Wann 30.01.2019
von 11:00 bis 12:30
Wo Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 1, 04107 Leipzig
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The philosophical thought of Averroes (d. 1198) had a well-documented impact in Latin Christendom while it is generally considered that it was ignored outside the Islamic West (Maghreb) due to the peripheral character of this region. However, a relevant scholar such as the Damascene Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328) knew and used Averroes’ works.

Few Eastern scholars travelled to the Maghreb, but for Maghrebi scholars the travel in search of knowledge to the East was of fundamental importance, and many settled there. They were the most important channel through which the transmission of knowledge from the West to the East took place.

The aim of the project AMOI (Local contexts and global dynamics: al-Andalus and the Maghreb in the Islamic East) is to study how, when and why knowledge produced in the Islamic West, a context that tends to be considered local, spread in a wider context, that of the Islamic community, and which changes and innovations were associated to that process.



Prof. Dr. Maribel Fierro is Research Professor at the Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean (CSIC – Spain) where she also served as director of the ERC-project "Knowledge, heresy and political culture of the Islamic West (8th-15th centuries)”. Besides her long-term affiliation with the CSIC (1987-present) she held fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and the Institute for Advanced Study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago. She has worked and published on the political, religious and intellectual history of al-Andalus and the Islamic West, Islamic law, the construction of orthodoxy and the persecution of heresies, and violence and its representation in Medieval Arabic sources. Her standing research projects are: Practicing knowledge in Islamic societies and their neighbors (Anneliese Maier Award 2014, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) and Local contexts and global dynamics: al-Andalus and the Maghreb in the Islamic East (with Mayte Penelas, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education). Among her publications: The Almohad revolution. Politics and religion in the Islamic West during the twelfth-thirteenth centuries (2012), and Abd al-Rahman III: The first Cordoban caliph (2005). She is the editor of volume 2 (The Western Islamic world, eleventh-eighteenth centuries) of The New Cambridge History of Islam (2010); Orthodoxy and heresy in Islam: Critical Concepts in Religious Studies (2013); with J. Tolan, The legal status of ḏimmī-s in the Islamic West (2013) and with H. Ansari, C. Adang and S. Schmidtke of Accusations of unbelief in Islam: A diachronic perspective on takfīr (2015).


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