Archive and Library


Archivist: Dr. Rüdiger Otto
Address: Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 1, 04107 Leipzig
Tel.: (03 41) 7 11 53 42
Fax: (03 41) 7 11 53 44

The substantial holdings of the archive, which encompassed inter alia posthumous papers of significant importance for the history of science, were largely destroyed during the massive air raid on Leipzig on December 3rd, 1943. The current holdings are almost exclusively of materials from after 1945, aside from several protocol volumes from the first half of the 20th century. At the present time, the archive mainly comprises files of the members, documentation of the activities of various projects and commissions, and the general correspondence of the Academy. It also contains the papers of the Indologist Friedrich Weller, the physiologist Hans Drischel and the zoologist Manfred Gersch.


Production/Library/Exchange: Claudia Hollstein
Address: Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 1, 04107 Leipzig
Tel.: (03 41) 7 11 53 12
Fax: (03 41) 7 11 53 44

The holdings of the Academy Library contain
• Publications of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities
• Works submitted by the Academy members (including the valuable library from the posthumous papers of the Orientalist Friedrich Weller, which has been housed since 1993 in the section South and East Asia of the University of Leipzig).
• Book holdings of the projects, commissions and the Academy administration
• General reference works
• Yearbooks of the Academies of Sciences in the German-speaking countries
• Journals and collective volumes of Academies of Sciences in the German-speaking lands, universities and scientific institutions

The library maintains an exchange of periodicals nationally and internationally, with 409 partners in Academies of Sciences, universities and scientific institutions. Since the founding of the Academy, the periodicals sent in on exchange arrangements have been passed on to the Main Library at the University of Leipzig, where they are accessible to the reading public.