Call for proposals

Call for proposals for the research programme of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities (Academies Programme) for 2024


Call for proposals subject to timely release of funds by the funding organizations in 2022

The Academies Programme, the joint research programme of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities, serves long-term fundamental research in the humanities, historical legal sciences, as well as economics and social sciences. Research questions and materials in the overlapping field of these scientific areas with natural science disciplines can also be addressed within the framework of the Academies Programme. The central task of the Academies Programme is the provision, preservation and visualization of cultural traditions of overriding scientific and social relevance.

The Academies Programme is currently funded with approximately 70 million euros annually as part of the joint research funding provided by the federal and state governments. These funds are currently used to finance 132 projects in 191 workplaces.

Researchers who have completed their doctorate and have institutional ties in Germany can apply (as individual applicants or together with one or more co-applicants) to one of the academies listed with a research project. In terms of focus, scope and duration, the project must meet the following requirements and criteria for applying to the Academies Programme.


Call for proposals

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